How To Delete Apps On iPhone

How To Delete Apps On Iphone

Deleting apps from your iPhone is a simple process, but there are two methods available depending on how many apps you want to delete.

If you only want to delete one app at a time, the easiest way is to press and hold the app icon until it begins shaking. Once it starts shaking, an ‘X’ will appear next to the app. Tap this ‘X’ and then tap “Delete” in the pop-up window that appears, confirming you want to delete the app.

If you have multiple apps that you would like to delete at once, it is possible by using the Settings app. Open Settings and select General. Tap iPhone Storage, which will show a list of all your installed apps and their size on your device. From here, simply tap one or more apps and select “Delete App”. Confirm with “Delete App” again when prompted and the apps will be removed from your phone.

When uninstalling an app this way, any associated data stored within the app (such as saved progress or settings) will also be deleted. This is why it’s important to back up any apps or data you don’t want to lose before uninstalling them.

After deleting an app, your home screen and app folders will automatically update to reflect the change. Deleting apps can help improve the performance of your iPhone as well as free up storage space. It’s a good idea to regularly check for unused apps and delete them when you find them.

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