5 Ways To Store Kratom Seeds To Retain Their Quality

Kratom seeds

Buying kratom is no longer a task. The kratom world is getting bigger every day. However, users are looking for healthier and cost-efficient ways to get their kratom supplies. One such is bringing up their kratom plants. With that, the sales of kratom seeds are hiking as well.

People trying to use kratom seeds encounter several questions on the go. One of such common questions is, “How to store these kratom seeds?”. If you want to buy kratom seeds in bulk and store them while retaining their quality, you are at the right place.

Here, you will learn the five best ways to store your kratom seeds.

Getting to know about kratom 

Maeng da strain
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Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa, a plant that belongs to the coffee family, is native to regions of Southeast Asia. The opioid-stimulant properties of the plant make it an ideal fit for managing several health conditions. Earlier, people used the herb for recreational purposes. More research is essential to conclude what the plant could do.

Kratom comes in various forms, among which powders and capsules are best selling and popular among users. Lately, planting one’s kratom tree is becoming the subject of interest in the kratom world.

So, can you plant your kratom trees? 

kratom trees
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You can bring up your kratom plant with no expertise at all. It might look intimidating for someone new to the kratom world. However, growing the herb is similar to nurturing any other plant.

However, kratom plants grow only in specific environmental conditions. Depriving the seeds of these conditions can affect their quality and make them lose their potency to germinate.

You can do a few things to make them stay fresh and last long. Let’s see.

1.    Store in cool, dry places

Kratom seeds

Choosing a dry place to avoid dampness is the best thing you could do to your kratom seeds. Store them in air-tight containers.

Kratom seeds can get soggy when you keep them in a damp environment. Humidity and dampness can trigger a reduction in the quality of these seeds. Coldness can help keep your herb seeds fresh for a long time.

If possible, try to regulate the temperature in your refrigerators and store kratom seeds there. This way, you can avoid mold formation on your kratom seeds. Also, make sure you wait till they come back to room temperature before opening the sealed containers for usage.

2.    Store kratom seeds in bulk

People say that kratom seeds stay their best when stored in bulk. Storing small quantities of kratom seeds makes them stale fast. It is because more space allows more air to get between kratom seeds.

It can also lead to moisture growth, which can degrade the quality of these seeds. To avoid such happenings, try to store large quantities of kratom seeds together in air-tight containers.

Check often and fill up the boxes frequently.

3.    Try oxygen-absorbing bags

Maintaining dryness is crucial when you want to store kratom seeds. The presence of air can lead to the formation of mold. In turn, it can reduce the quality of your kratom seeds.

Oxygen-absorbing bags are now available to save your time and money. They contain salt and iron.

How do oxygen-absorbing bags work? When you store seeds in these bags, the bags absorb any air surrounding the kratom seeds. But, it is essential to be careful with these oxygen absorbers.

If the oxygen-absorbers lose their protective layer, the iron particles absorb air and form rust.

4.    Keep your kratom seeds away from heat and light.

Storing your kratom seeds in dark places can save them from getting stale. Hot and high temperatures can cause degradation in the quality of kratom seeds.

Hot conditions can increase humidity which can affect the quality of seeds. Apart from that, UV light can also make them lose their germination potential. Keeping them in the dark can help in avoiding such hassles.

Try to choose an area or a room that has no windows. Also, make sure that the place you store your kratom seed containers is dry.

5.    Try different containers to store kratom seeds.

Even though you store them in air-tight containers, seeds can sometimes become stale. It is because being in the same container for a long time can affect the natural qualities of the kratom seeds.

To avoid this, you can try changing the containers frequently. Also, instead of using the same container, try different ones to know which would be ideal, keeping in mind the kratom shelf life if storing is what you are concerned about.

The Bottom Line

There are several unique ways to store your kratom seeds. You can use these to make your kratom seeds last longer.

Try to buy kratom seeds from a legit source to ensure better quality and endurance to environmental conditions. Remember to check the optimal conditions before planting these kratom seeds.


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