Benefits of Buying Aftermarket Diesel Engine Parts

Diesel Engine

Diesel engines, especially those manufactured by well-known brands like Cummins, are known for their reliability. That doesn’t mean they won’t ever need work, though. When they do require repairs, fleet managers and owner-operators are better off buying aftermarket diesel engine parts online. Read on to find out why.

Better Prices

Buying aftermarket cummins engine parts is usually around 30% cheaper than sourcing them through the original manufacturer. The best part is that the 30% reduction in price doesn’t indicate any sacrifice of quality. Aftermarket parts dealers simply have lower overhead costs than their OEM counterparts, and they’re able to pass some of those savings on to buyers.

Excellent Quality

There is a common misconception that non-OEM parts are shoddily made when, in fact, aftermarket diesel engine parts sourced from a reputable vendor can be expected to meet or exceed OEM parts specifications. Just be sure the company providing the parts has been in business for long enough to develop a positive reputation among other heavy-duty truck and equipment owners.

Warranty Protection

Today’s most reputable aftermarket parts suppliers don’t rely on manufacturers’ warranties alone. They can afford to offer industry-leading warranties because they know that the parts they sell are of the highest quality. In many cases, the aftermarket warranties last longer and offer more comprehensive protection than those offered by the original manufacturer. 

Availability of Parts

Heavy-duty equipment manufacturers and truck dealerships don’t always have the parts in stock that their customers need the most. Ordering aftermarket parts online means buyers have access to a much larger selection of parts and components. Some of the most committed aftermarket parts dealers will even source new parts from reliable manufacturers for customers who can’t find what they need in the ordinary catalog.

In some cases, aftermarket parts are the only ones available. Older engine models that have been discontinued by their manufacturers are notoriously difficult to fix using only OEM parts because those components just aren’t available. Thankfully, substituting aftermarket components is always a good solution.

Expert Knowledge

The people working at OEM dealerships are knowledgeable, but they only know the specific equipment they’re trained to work on. Aftermarket diesel engine parts suppliers have a much wider base of knowledge, especially since reputable vendors have a full staff of trained mechanics with dozens of years of combined experience with rebuilding heavy-duty diesel engines. Customers will be in a better position to resolve their problems quickly and effectively with the best possible parts if they reach out to industry experts that are already familiar with their engines.

Ease of Ordering

Aftermarket parts dealers usually have their catalogs posted online, making it incredibly easy to find the right parts and have them shipped directly to the mechanic or the equipment owner’s doorstep. Compare that to going to the OEM dealership and having to rely on a random employee who may or may not be knowledgeable for help and it’s clear that ordering aftermarket parts is easier.

Find a Reputable Vendor

The only caveat to ordering online is that not all vendors are equal. Take the time to do some research and make sure the vendor has a reputation for selling only high-quality parts and treating customers with respect. As long as that’s the case, there’s nothing more to worry about.


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