Difference Between Research Proposal And Research Report

Research Proposal And Research Report

Research proposal and research report are two terms that often confuse multiple student researchers. There are a few differences in the research proposal, and research reports are as follows:


Research Proposal: A Research proposal is a coherent and brief summary of the proposed research study, which arises at the beginning of a research project. The main motive of a research proposal is to clarify the requirements for a particular research proposal and present the practical methods. There are ways to conduct the proposed research. In other words, a research proposal is defined as the proposed design of the study and clarifies the essence of the particular examination. For this reason, a research proposal is to describe what you plan to do and why you plan to do it. Many segments are indispensable to a research proposal. For example, it is unfeasible to write a research proposal without reading similar writing assignments  and work a literature review. So it is not possible to think and decide on a methodology without purposeful particular research questions. 

Research Report: A Research Report is also known as a dissertation or thesis. A research report is like a document submitted at the end of a research project. This explains the finished research project. It also presents the analysis, data collection, and results. A Research Report is not a proposed design or research plan. It explains what was done during the research project and the ultimate learning from it. Research reports are more extended than research proposals since they accommodate step-by-step processes of the research.


Research Proposal: Research proposals are specially written at the starting of research proposals before the beginning of the research project.

Research Report: Research reports are concluded after completing the entire research project. 


Research Proposal: The research proposal explains the intention researcher to do it and why you intended to do it.

Research Report: The research report explains what the researcher has done, why he has done it and at the end what result he has achieved.


Research Proposal: There are multiple sections in research proposals that contain methodology, introduction/background, literature review, research questions, aims, and objectives.

Research Report: Like Research proposals, Research Reports also have many sections such as findings, analysis, results, aims, literature review, introduction/background, conclusion, citation, recommendations, and research questions.


Research Proposal: In length, Research proposals are shorter. The maximum size of a research proposal is about 4-10 pages.

Research Report: In length, Research Reporters are longer than Research proposals. On the contrary, the size of the research report is about 100 to 300 pages.

Written in and preparation

Research Proposal: The research proposal is written in Future tense. A research proposal is made at the beginning of the project.

Research Report: Research Report is written in the past tense. The research report is prepared after the completion of the project.


Research Proposal: The research proposal determines what will be reached, why the research is essential, and how the investigation will be conducted?

Research Report: Research Report is what is researched and what sources are used to collect data, so what are future research recommendations?

Deals with

Research Proposal: The research proposal deals with the topic or problem to be investigated.

Research Report: Research Report will deal with the results of the finished research work.


Research Proposal: A research proposal signifies a framework of theory within which the research is carried out. In short terms, a research proposal is a sketch for the collection, analysis of data, and measurement.

Research Report: A research report implies a scientific write-up on the research that is prepared in a particular format.


Research Proposal: Research proposal plays an essential role in the application process. It provides a snapshot of the questions that the researcher wants to answer with the help of the researcher. A research proposal is also the medium through which a researcher can introduce the research problem and explain the essentials for research.

Research Report: A research report is the culmination of the research endeavour. It is an excellent method to explain research work and its outcome to a group of people. It is the final study conducted during the period of the research process.


Research Proposal: The main thing of the research project is the question of what you will be researching. It serves as the starting point from which students can branch off into other problems and issues that may arise during the research step. A research proposal is a serious document for the approval of the research topic.

Research Report: This statement can change based on the pre-research information. A research report is also an important document that reflects the effort.


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