Essential AC Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

AC Maintenance

The AC coils, fins, and filters need frequent maintenance for the unit to operate efficiently and effectively throughout the years of service. You must understand that maintaining your AC is not just about comfort but also personal health and safety.

Like any other house appliance, the AC requires proper care. Neglecting to maintain it leads to a steady decline in functionality and an increase in energy use.

The best way to boost the AC’s health is to take care of it well and conduct regular maintenance tasks. Here are essential AC maintenance tips everyone should know.

AC Maintenance Tips Everyone Must Know

1.   Change Your Air Filters In The Cooling Unit

The AC traditionally has air filters to trap pet hair, dust, and other contaminants. Air filters intercept contaminants from altering the unit’s operating system.

At some time of usage, the filters become dirty or clogged up. Dirty air filters cause icing in the cooling unit, pushing the AC to the extreme. It is brilliant to change your filters at least once a month to prevent such problems.

2.   Clear Away Plants And Bushes

For proper functioning, the air conditioner requires freely flowing air. Flower beds, grass, bushes, or weeds that grow around the unit avert the airflow. This phenomenon once again pushes the cooling unit to work harder than expected.

You must clear any plant life growing near your cooling unit to ensure it gets sufficient air supply. Good air-flowing in the system guarantees that the AC is efficient for your home.

3.   Check The Drain Line

The cooling unit requires to drain excess vapor coming from the condenser. However, the drain line clogs with mold and algae growth.

From time to time, you must flush the drain line with some bleach as a preventative maintenance strategy. Just one cup can do the magic. If mold and algae are built up in the drain line, use a primary vacuum cleaner to suck up the obstruction.

4.   Get A Programmable Thermostat

Most individuals leave their AC switched on the whole day, cooling an empty apartment or house. Others forget to adjust the thermostats on their way out. Leaving your cooling unit turned on an entire day shortens its life and increases energy costs.

A scheduled thermostat eliminates the need for human elements. All you need to do is set the thermostat for the temperatures you want at different times of the day. This element saves you money and prolongs the efficient working life of the cooling unit.

5.   Schedule Professional Maintenance

Different elements could go wrong in your cooling system that you may not be aware of. A professional can see these concerns and address them immediately before they grow bigger.

For instance, malfunctioning electrical equipment can be a big problem, especially with the risk of an electrical fire or short-circuiting. Hiring a professional helps to eliminate the chances of damaging your wiring and other appliance because of a faulty AC unit.


AC maintenance is a necessary procedure for improving its performance. Ensure there is a steady airflow by clearing plants around the cooling unit. Use a programmable thermostat to avoid running the AC more than necessary. In case of mechanical or electrical concerns, seek assistance from a professional.


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