A Guide to Fancy Birthday Cakes for Kids

Fancy Birthday Cakes for Kids

Need any ideas about kids’ birthday cakes? Well, you do not need to make it a lot complicated, unless you want to! Kids love birthday parties a lot but cakes are something that they love the most. Here, check out some of the top & fancy birthday cake for Kids in India. These cakes are sweet as well as simple to look at. Also, your kids will love them a lot.

Fancy Birthday Cakes for Kids in India

Check Out the Best & Fancy Cakes for Kids in India:

Confetti Cake

This is a moist & fluffy vanilla-flavored cake with a lot of sprinkles & whipped vanilla buttercream on it. It is a perfect idea for your kid’s birthday party. It is nearly impossible for them to feel unhappy when you present the fun pop of rainbow confetti cake in front of them!

Unicorn Cake

The taste of this magical unicorn cake is as good as it appears. Baking in small pans will create an impressive height. By adding a few simple decorating tricks, we have turned it in a show-stopping dessert.

Rainbow Cake

As soon as party guests get a look at it, though, it will likely disappear immediately! As per CT’s cooks, this colorful Rainbow Cake features a creamy spread on the top along with fresh fruits. An “orange pot” at the end of the rainbow is filled with a brim for dipping. You will have a good-as-gold treat bound to excel at a St. Patrick’s Day party!

Furry Friends Cake

Need a birthday cake idea for your kids’ birthday that matches their love of animals? Try this spectacular Furry Friends Cake that is extremely easy to order & receive.

Chota Bheem Poster Cake

Make your kid’s birthday worth his while and present him with online cake delivery that he will always remember. With totally deliciousness sprinkled everywhere, this customized Chota Bheem Cake will make your child too happy. Also, it will make your child’s birthday aesthetically pleasing. Allow your child to celebrate his/her birthday with this scrumptious & good-looking Chota Bheem Cake.

Round Fondant Tom Cake

For every fan of Tom out there, this scrumptiously baked tasty cake seems to be an excellent choice to celebrate the special occasion of a birthday. Having a white Round Fondant Cake with Tom’s face comes printed by edible ink alongside some blue-colored fondant circles, this cake is certain to go away everyone astonished with its “good to be true” appeal & dreamy-creamy taste.

Barbie Doll Cream Cake

Show your unconditional like to your little child on her birthday by giving her a surprise on her birthday with this astounding Barbie Doll Cream Cake. This adorable cake is wearing blue cream, which can drive the taste buds of all the party guests and, most significantly of your little princess.

Rose Elephant Fondant Cake

For the lovable doll-like female child, a cake covered in pink edible roses from the side with a reasonably fondant elephant character wearing a pink girly necktie on top is the best surprise. And that we call it a ‘Rosy Elephant Cake’. Something delightful and delicious!

Round Shaped Mickey Mouse Fondant Cake

Mickey is here to mention Hi to all or any, but where are you? Notch up your child’s birthday by gifting him/her with this delectable but appealing Mickey Mouse Fondant Cake.

Gorgeous Lion Cream Cake

Are you ready to make an online cake order in Kolkata for your child? Well, this delicious cake is made with the yellow-colored toy-like lions that we imagine. Its jumpy, & cheery lions will draw you certain a better look. This cake is that the highest quality that you simply can get.

Rocking Spiderman Cake

To woo all the small fans of Spiderman, we’ve baked this cute & Rocking Spiderman Cake. This cake is roofed during a fondant-made Spiderman mask and is decorated with a touch fondant-made Spiderman on the highest. For now, add instant fun to your kid’s birthday celebration with the Spiderman Cake that’s available in chocolate flavor.

Pinata Hulk Cake

Is your kid an Avengers lover and his favorite Character is the HULK? Then this Pinata Hulk Cake goes with it perfectly. A hammer with Pinata Hulk Cake is what every kid wants because it’s a desirable amalgam of Chocolate & cake, which are often personalized as per your choice.

Superman Symbol Cake

If you’re already an enormous fan of Superman then, your love will still grow for him after watching this cake. You’ll feel compelled to celebrate it by ordering this Superman Fondant Cake online from us. This cake features & symbolizes Superman in its true form. So, order this Superman Symbol Cake from us and make celebrate it to the fullest.

Kung Fu Panda Cake

Well, you’ll not just like the color yellow but, when it involves Kung Fu Panda and you will surely love them. Don’t you? So, here may be a delicious chocolate-flavored Kung Fu Cake dedicated to all or any the Panda fans that you’ll now order online right away!

Boss Baby Cake

Babies are considered the boss of the house and they rule everyone in the house with their mischievous deeds. So, present all the eye seeker babies with this Boss Baby Cake at their birthday celebration. Trust us that it will become the highlight of the party. Customized in several flavors & sizes, you’ll order our Boss Baby Cake anywhere in India. We’ll get you the delivery on an equivalent Day with no hassles.

To Wrap Up

Cakes are something that everyone likes and if you are looking for Fancy Birthday Cakes for your Kids, then read the above cakes. Read about all the cakes above carefully and decide which cake you will bring for your kids.


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