How to build community building in Township

build community building in Township

When it comes to building, farming, and adventuring, Township is one of the most popular games you can easily play on any device. As a town mayor, it is your responsibility to develop the town and construct different buildings for your citizens.

To grow your city, you have to construct various city buildings, but the most important building is the community building; and why does this building have so much importance in Township? We are here to discuss this question with you in more detail. Here you will get tips and tricks to develop your community building.

There are different building types you have to construct in Township, every building has its importance in a town like houses, decorations, factories, barn, airport, train station, helipad, and mines. Township is a straightforward game. You don’t need any specific commitments and special time to play this game. Whenever you want to make, yourself relax you can play the game. It is one of the most popular games like pokemon go; you can find the basic guide on allabttech if you want to play that game.

If you are a new player of Township and wondering how to increase the population in-game, here is the complete explanation of your every answer.

Why is community building important in Township?

You can’t make a town without people. In Township, the main thing is to extend town and fields. Still, aside from it, you can’t extend your town without community building. To increase the population, you must build community building. After

You can check your current population rate on the board; it looks like 15/90. It means you have 15 people and can construct more houses to increase the population. If you want to increase the town’s population, first you have to Construct the community building, you’ll be able to construct more houses.

To unlock the community building, you have to reach level 5; once you complete the task, you can start constructing community building in your town. There are almost 73 community buildings, giving you a maximum of 24,355 population, and you can open each community building on different levels. For the construction of the community building, you need essential material you can collect by filling orders.

The first community building you can unlock on stage 5 is the grocery store, which required only one brick to complete the building. To complete the community building, you also need enough coins; after low level, you need further requirements to build other large buildings like “Planetarium, Dolphinarium, lighthouse or Skyscraper.”

What is tool exchange in Township?

After level 60, you need special material to build a special community building, and you can find the Materials on tool exchange. The procedure is simple and new, and you will enjoy every moment in the game. When you go to the tool exchange store, you can exchange the tools with your materials. You can find tools like jackhammers, drills, electric saws, and many more

The most important thing to keep in mind is that don’t exchange the material you need in construction; instead, you can exchange extra material you won’t need constructing the particular building. Because if you do so, you can lose the basic material you need, and you’ll have to wait for the next train.

How to build community building more rapidly?

In Township, you are “The Mayor” you can do anything you want, if you want to make your building rapidly you can do many strategies and tricks, from getting material to collecting more money. Here are some quick tips and tricks you can consider before playing the game. To construct a community building, you need more material and coins, and if you can get that on time, you’ll be able to construct the building more rapidly.

  • Focus on loading the trains so that you can get more material. Moreover don’t delay the train timing, complete the order as soon as possible.
  • Collect money and Fortune flowers to open the chest, where you can get more material.
  • Open the chest at sea.
  • Collect more money, and you can buy any material from the Market, even on sale!
  • Regattas are very important in Township; if you want to earn something precious and urgent, you can win it on regatta with your following friends.
  • Explore the mine, and get more chest and money.

Special building in Township:

There are many other buildings other than community buildings, which can’t help increase the population, but will play a significant role in the development and achievements. With these buildings, you will get your material fast and collect more coins.

House of luck:

If you want to test your luck for gifts and surprises, you must build the house of luck, where you can open a treasure chest for gifts.

City Market:

You can get ready-made items and materials in the Market at low prices. You can also hire a dealer for a specific item.


In the laboratory, you can activate the lab booster with gemstones. These boosters can stimulate productivity in factories or farms.


In the foundry, you can smelt the ingot using ore from mines.


You can use the ingot in the academy industry and stimulate productivity in different industries.


Here you collect the precious antiques you got from mine or island. After the collection of the given amount, yOu get township cash rewards.

Tool exchange:

After level 60, you need special construction material that you can get from tool exchange; you can exchange the extra material from the tool shop.

Township is a very simple and relaxing game; you won’t need to be exhausted while playing (unless you have to fill the delivery boxes at the airport before taking off). It is fun to make new friends for the regatta and play in groups without disturbing your privacy. Community building can rapidly improve your game level, and suddenly you want to compete with “Ernie.”


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