How to market and advertise your cakes for business?


Have you been making cakes for some time? If so, you’ve likely have been through certain aspects of this. The cake business that you run from your home is a great way to earn money however it can be a bit daunting in many ways, especially in the case of being a single person as a sole proprietor doing everything. The majority of those who bake at home are usually on their own. It can be a challenge to balance everything between cake consults and cake deliveries with the help of family occasionally but in the end, the cake business is our own baby.

I don’t know about others but this is how it is for me. My husband is very helpful but what’s the bottom line? My business. I am accountable for it? At first, it was a real struggle and I had to use a variety of techniques that worked. Certain methods were a complete waste of time, and others seemed promising but cost a lot.

Here are a few easy methods that do not require ANY explication:

Print vouchers and distribute them to local libraries, shops, and schools. Ask people whom you know to assist in distribution.

Advertise in local newspapers sent out by the city halls and schools, daycares and libraries.

Create free mini cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, or balloon decorations in Jaipur them to the local community at the end of Sunday services, or following PTA gatherings.

Participate in local gatherings and network events. Introduce yourself and inform them of the location you’re in and what services you provide.

Provide incentives to local stores and other businesses such as event directors – Referrers’ fees of either a 5 or 10 percent commission.

Create a booth at your local market. Offer cupcakes for sale at a reduced cost to get people to take a chance.

Find your business’s listing at the local municipal hall and in the yellow pages so that customers are able to locate you.

Advertise on local sites such as supermarkets, business websites, and even other online platforms using poster advertising to attract more customers and your visual presence makes a huge impact.

A Website is second to none

I have friends of cake decorators who don’t have websites. Even if they have one, it’s not up-to-date. However, your website is an ideal opportunity for anyone to and purchase a cake. If you’re online, anyone could type in ‘cake in XX’ to find your website. It’s as easy as that.

A website could be an intimidating idea. I’m with you. However, you don’t have to build it yourself. You can employ someone to design a website for you. If you’re not in a position to pay someone, you can build your own site for as little as 5 dollars per month. There are plenty of online resources (including my instructional video) to help you learn how to build the cake website of your choice.


When you’re a new business and have a limited number of customers are unwilling to gamble with someone they don’t know or do not have a lot of experience. At this point, cake consultations can be an effective way of getting people to get to know your company, or perhaps try your cake and observe the efficiency of customer service at your company.

I’ve conducted business with individuals just because they were nice. As time passes by the quality of your service, reputation and your good customer reviews will drive your company to success.


It’s a fantastic location to be. Not only will you be able to talk with potential customers, but you will also be able to get to know other vendors, cake designers, and even suppliers. Introduce yourself with as many potential customers as you are able to. Serve customers a taste of your cakes. Create fake wedding cakes that show your talents.


I have a love/hate relationship and social media. I enjoy meeting new people and becoming acquainted with my followers however I am always nervous about posting my works. What happens if people don’t love my cake? What happens if nobody is able to comment or even like my cake images? But, regardless of that, we must be present. Promoting our work, reaching people who admire our work, and even being on the newsfeed. This way, our past customers see our work, and potential customers can locate us. If past customers look at our work, they are proud of having utilized our services. However, when they require a cake they’ll remember us on their newsfeed.


Create a newsletter that your clients who have been customers before and those who are new to the business can remain in contact. Send them a message at times of celebrations and holidays. If you’re planning to have an event, such as a stall, or sale and you are inviting them, send them an invitation. Include a coupon in the email to allow them to receive discounts.

Offer your products at LOCAL BAKERIES

Local bakeries won’t want to outsource certain items so long as they’re from a trusted source. You can offer to bake cupcakes for local bakeries and offer them an incentive they can’t resist. This is an excellent way to ensure the steady flow of income.

Are you still not GETTING orders?


We’ve covered this subject in a number of business articles, but we also delved into it in our post on how to determine the price of your cake? And do you think you’re undervaluing your cake?

On the other hand, it is also important to consider the possibility that you might be overpricing your cakes. It is true that we frequently say that you should determine the market price of your item is, and decide on a price that is in line with the market value, but the market value is based on a particular minimum quality standard.

It’s a new beginning for you. Your cakes are delicious, but you have plenty to improve with regards to aesthetics and affluence in the final dessert. What is the right way to sell your cake at the market price? Consider this: if you had two cakes decorators of the same amount of experience and experience that could offer the same cake at fifty dollars each, one of them are of high-quality product and the other is lacking when compared. Which one would you pick?

It is necessary to look at yourself from afar. Of course, we are the worst self-criticism, but there are always some exceptions.

As I have always said there’s enough business for all of us on the market. When we are able to find our position in terms of quality as well as pricing, we’ll have work to complete.


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