Important Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Water Well Pump

water well pump

If you draw your water from water wells, it is crucial to invest in high-quality water well pumps. These pumps will extract water from your well. It is what provides your business or home with clean and safe drinking water.’

How do well pumps work?

A typical well water system works by lifting water from a well and delivering the water to a storage pump where it is pressurised and safely stored until it is required. Most well pumps use electricity to draw water through pipes. Here are some common categories of well pumps that you need to know.

Jet pumps

Motorised jet pumps include the pump that moves water from the well and a motor that drives the pump. It is paired with a pressure tank. The pressure tank evens out the water throughout your property.

Submersible pumps

These types of pumps include pump motors and water pumps in addition to internal check valves. Submersible pumps might not need a pressure tank.

Submersible vs. jet pumps

There are different types of well pumps as there are different requirements, although the selection factors depend on the diameter of the well casing and the depth of the water. Some water pumps have special uses such as offering a useful water outlet, boosting water pressure and so on.

Jet pumps pull well water, whilst submersible pumps from water well pumps suppliers work by pushing the water upward. Pushing water requires less energy and this is the reason why submersible pumps are more efficient for pumping water from deep wells. Choosing a submersible pump or a jet pump depends on the depth of your well.

Do you have a deep or shallow well?

The first thing to consider is the distance that the water needs to travel. If your area has a stable water supply near the surface then it will be easier to access the water. Deep wells require additional considerations.

If the well is less than 25’ then it is best to use a shallow jet pump. If it is between 25’ and 110’ then you should consider using a deep well jet pump and if the well is between 25’ and 400’, you should consider using a 4” submersible pump.

You need to find out the depth of your well before choosing a pump. You can do this by checking the driller’s well report of your well. If you do not have access to this report, you can calculate the depth of the water by tying a bobber to a piece of a rope and lowering it down the well until you feel the bobber floating. Now take up the stack and label the string.

Know the right size of pump to choose

When buying water well pumps, it is important to determine the best pump size to choose. Pumps are rated in gallons per minute and a typical three to four-bedroom home requires 8-12 gallons per minute. When determining the needs of your home, add one gallon per minute for every water fixture in your house.


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