Question of The Day: Can You Make a Messy Bun with Thin Hair?

Messy Bun

Thin hair is something that almost each and every one of us faces at least once in our whole life. Some have thin hair by birth while others get thin hair after a stressful life and that is something really depressing if you are someone who loves to make messy buns. Messy buns require a lot of hair to become fuller and perfect and that is something you might not be able to get with thin hair. So, how to make a messy bun fuller and perfect with thin hair? Do not worry, I have got you covered.

I, myself also have thin hair and I tried thousands of ways to make a messy bun with my thin hair. First ever try was to tease my hair and then make a messy bun out of it. What was the result? Well, it was not something that I liked in appearance and it was also something that damaged my hair a lot and was a huge hassle to open afterwards. Then the next option I went for was fake hair extensions. I went to a salon in my neighborhood and got my semi-permanent extensions done. Those did get rid of the thin hair issue but they looked extremely unreal and were totally different from my hair texture. The messy bun that I made after getting the semi-permanent hair extensions was not really good and was a bit stiff so it was another failure you can say.

Extensions Are My Bestfriend! 

The next thing I tried was getting the messy bun hair extensions so that I got the fuller bun without any efforts but guess what? They looked fake because they were made with synthetic fiber and were extra shiny compared to my hair and did not even match my hair shade. So, while searching for solutions for my thin hair and how you can make a perfect and classy messy bun with thin hair, I came across this amazing product known as JuvaBun messy bun hair extension. Even though my experience with the previous hair extensions was bad, I still decided to give these a try and bought one in my shade and that is where my hair journey changed. So, what is so special about these JuvaBun messy bun hair extensions and why am I fussing over them might be something that you must be wondering so here is an overview of how I started doing my messy bun with thin hair using the JuvaBun messy bun hair extensions.

Making a Messy Bun with Thin Hair

So, as I described before, I ordered these hair extensions without having any expectations from them. Around in a week I got my JuvaBun messy bun hair extensions delivered to my door and upon opening the package I was like “Have they used real hair?” The reason for such a comment was simple as these messy bun hair extensions looked like real hair. The color completely mixed with my natural hair shade and even the texture was similar to my natural hair. The wearing process was simple as I only had to gather my thin hair into a ponytail or a bun and then I used the JuvaBun messy bun hair extensions and attached them to my ponytail or bun. These JuvaBun messy bun hair extensions are in the form of a scrunchie and they easily can be tied and a perfect messy bun can be made within a span of a few seconds. Then you are ready to go and you can set the JuvaBun messy bun hair scrunchie easily if you are not satisfied with the thickness of the bun. These messy bun hair extensions are of high quality and you can get them easily delivered to your home. So, pretty ladies, if you are looking for solutions to make a perfect messy bun with thin hair then these amazing JuvaBun messy bun hair scrunchies are your solution and the best part about them is that you can get them washed and reuse them for a longer time. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these amazing JuvaBun messy bun hair extensions and slay all the looks that you want.

Messy Bun Hair Extensions are The Way To Go! 

So, here I conclude my experience with the JuvaBun messy bun hair extensions and how they transformed my messy bun game even with thin hair. These are perfect if you want to have a messy bun with thin hair. They do not damage your hair and also look real and completely synchronizes with your natural hair shade and texture. You do not have to worry about your messy bun getting undone before the end of the day. These JuvaBun messy bun hair extensions are perfect for everyday look and you can make these for formal events as well.


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