The importance of visiting the Periodontist regularly


Visiting a general dentist for your regular dental check-ups is a remarkable way to retain your oral health.

Anyways, helps from a specialist can be needed for definite issues.

Are you contesting with frequent or severe bouts of gum infection? Or else your dentist has suggested you to do soft tissue grafts or dental implants? Then a visit to a Periodontist in Ottawa will help you by handling all these kinds of dental situations and many more problems related to them.

In this subject, we’re going to illustrate some of the vital welfares of visiting a periodontist, which will help you to understand how fruitful they are for you in visiting them in order to safeguard you and your teeth and gums.

Who is the Periodontist?

Although the educational backgrounds of a dentist and a periodontist are similar, a periodontist receives further training to gain the special knowledge of gingiva or gums. A periodontist mainly aims at those problems that can influence the gums by diseases, conditions, and other issues.

Like a general dentist, they receive the same class of a doctorate in dentistry, whereas the most aspirant periodontist has to fulfill an additional degree and specialized training.

Periodontists are trained continuously and remain up-to-date with the most advanced technologies with best practices of care to serve as a specialist in this field. For a minimum of three additional years of post-dental school training, they have to qualify to serve the patients with specialized periodontal services.

Key Welfares of visiting a Periodontist in Ottawa: –

In case, you require assistance from a specialist(periodontist), then many dentists will recommend this step if they feel their need. Over here lies the most eminent welfares which you’re going to receive after visiting a periodontist: –

  1. Addresses Advanced Cases of Gum Disease: –

Pervasive situations like gum diseases or periodontal diseases can aggressively influence your gingival tissue. If remain untreated, this can lead to a substantial amount of defacing to your entire oral health system arising problems like chronic oral infections and adult tooth loss.

A Periodontist is much capable of providing treatment for intricated and advanced cases of gum disease.

  1. Provides Specialized Treatment for Gums: –

In case of gum infection, then you need to pay special attention to the inflammation in pockets between your teeth and gums. Periodontists are specialized in a deep-cleaning procedure named scaling and root planning to confirm that your teeth are clean under the gums.

  1. Prevents Tooth Loss: –

Infections under the gumline can create irreversible harm to tissues in the gum pocket. In case this occurs, a periodontist can handle it with the help of a procedure called root surface debridement. It is more invasive than scaling and root planning, as it removes tissues that are defiled by regulating the spread of infection and promoting healing. When done in time, this action can prevent the infection from causing tooth loss.

  1. Replaces Missing Teeth.

Due to disease or trauma, when you lose one or more teeth, a periodontist may give you dental implants. Their detailed understanding of the structure of your teeth, gums, and jaw bone makes them an ideal choice if you need dental implant surgery.

So, these are the welfares you can get on searching for assistance from the dental specialist of Ottawa (i.e., a Periodontist in Ottawa).

When you must visit a Periodontist?

In case you’re pondering whether to visit a Periodontist or not, remember that they aim at gums – their treatments are more precise and complex than those provided by a general dental practitioner. Therefore, in case you are suffering from severe format of gum disease, you will be favoured by the expert level of knowledge that a periodontist has. Other procedures and surgeries provided by the periodontists include:

  • Soft tissue grafting
  • Cosmetic gum shaping
  • Dental implants
  • Flap surgery
  • Gingivectomy

Conclusion: – In case you’re struggling with gingivitis and other symptoms that point to periodontal disease, then you required the expertise of a periodontist. So, you should schedule an appointment with the periodontist in Ottawa. They will analyze your situation, assess your needs and recommend a suitable treatment plan that’s right for your unique situation.


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