Top 3 Virtual Meeting Tools For Small and Large Businesses

Virtual meeting

Virtual meeting platforms are software applications that unite people through the internet.  While most of the organisation has adopted virtual meeting tools as their choice of conference platform, there are many other choices for businesses that have an online meeting  option. 

What Are Virtual Meeting Tools?

Virtual meeting tools consist of digital applications and platforms that allow your team to communicate and interact via the internet, usually through audio and video.

Also known as online meeting software or virtual conference platforms, this application can be used to host meetings, conferences, webinars, team development activities, games, or events for long -distance teams.

List of virtual meeting platforms:

The Virtual meeting tool capacities bring together virtual teams in real time. From the omnipresent zoom to WizIQ Meet, these virtual meeting applications are ready for you and your remote team to try.

  1. Zoom

Zoom is a popular Virtual meeting platform that is famous for being easy to use. You can invite anyone to a zoom meeting with an URL, even if your participants do not have a zoom account.

After the team members click the URL, they will immediately join the virtual room with other team members. Registered users can host a meeting with up to 100 people using a free version of Zoom’s Software. Combined with fun features such as breakout rooms, zoom is ideal for hosting meetings, games, and activities with virtual teams.

  1. Skype

It was acquired by Microsoft in 2011; Skype was the original household name for video calls. However, due to consumer complaints and the emergence of zooms as recorded in ZDNet, Skype is no longer the only one or the main choice for the meeting.

Skype made a comeback with a video conference, making it the right time to review the software that is familiar with a funny ringtone. This application now offers a meeting of up to 50 participants who can be accessed by the resulting link. No registration or download is required.

  1. WizIQ Meet

WizIQ Meet is a virtual meeting platform that empowers the host of the meeting to involve their audience and encourage collaboration in online meetings and workshops. The app has built-in activities like whiteboard annotation, breakout rooms, Multilingual Support and poll ,etc.

It also features an interactive meeting agenda set by the previous host and allows all participants to follow together with schedules and activities; it is optimal for remote team consolidation activities due to its emphasis on high definition audio & video, which gives the impression that your team members are in the room with you. WiziQ Meet was built for a safe, stable, scalable and easily accessible connection.

Does A Virtual Meeting Tool Actually Help In Building A Team?

Yes, a virtual meeting tool helps build a team. By bringing long -distance team members into the room using internet strength and for sharing creative ideas this application allows your team to share experiences and build friendship, even if members are scattered in several locations.


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