Top 7 Bow Ties Outfit Ideas for Men

Bow Ties

Today bow-ties are an important part of Men’s fashion; that’s why every man should own at least one bow tie in his wardrobe. A bow tie is a new way to add a new dimension and depth to your personality. From weddings and formal events to birthday parties and date nights, there are numerous occasions to wear these ties.

These days many celebrities, including Tom Holland, Will Smith, and Robert Pattison, have worn bow ties for various functions such as movie premieres and red carpet events. They have proved to the world that bow ties for men can be worn with formal as well as casual and street style outfits.

So if you’re planning to attend a wedding, semi-formal, or black-tie event, consider wearing a bow tie. Whether it’s a tuxedo or suit, the outfit looks incomplete without a perfect sleek bow tie. A bow tie looks simple, but this single accessory can instantly add sharpness to a man’s persona.

Bow ties for men come in so many different shapes, styles, and materials. These ties are perfect for those people who want to achieve a formal or trendy look but don’t know how to tie a knot. They can buy the pre-tied bow ties and glam their look.

Are you also looking for some cool and trendy way to wear bow ties?Keep reading! In this blog, we’ve gathered some of the best bow ties outfit ideas for men. These classy and cool outfit ideas will help you to look smart and trendy with bow ties.

Let’s begin.

1. Tuxedo with Bow tie

Are you going to attend a wedding as a groom or groomsmen? Or going to a black-tie event?

If you’re a little confused about what to wear on these occasions, don’t think much! Go with a black tuxedo and a silk bow tie! This classic combination is evergreen and always looks stunning. Add some formal black leather shoes, a belt, and a pocket square, and you’re good to attend the event.

2. Suspenders and Bow tie

Suspenders and bow ties look absolutely great together. You can wear these two fashion accessories to both casual and formal functions. They will add some character to your entire outfit look, and you’ll blend perfectly with the theme of the event.

For a casual occasion like birthday parties or brunch with friends, pair a blue shirt with black trousers and a bow tie. And lastly, wear suspenders and brown shoes, and your look is complete.

3. Bow ties with a Button-Up Shirt

Like neckties and other ties, you can also wear bow ties with button-up shirts. However, it’s important to know what type of bow tie you should wear with what type of shirt. Always ensure that bow tie width is not beyond the shirt collar’s breadth.

For formal outfits, go with cutaway, Windsor, and spread collars; for black tie events, go with button-up shirts with wing collars. From plain to printed shirts, you can wear bow ties with any shirt.

4. Bow tie with a Vest Jacket

Yes, you can wear bow ties with vest jackets. This little detail will add more sophistication and elegance to your outfit. You can pair a white shirt with a black vest and black pants with a matching bow tie.

5. Bow tie & Pocket Square

Here’s another great outfit idea for you: match your bow tie to a pocket square. The bow tie will still be in focus and be a pop of elements. But if you want, you can also color coordinate your tie with other accessories such as pocket square, belt, or cufflinks.

6. Bow tie with a Blazer

Pair your bow tie with a shirt and matching trousers for casual settings. Lastly, add a blazer. This will give you a clean and crisp outfit look.

7. Bow tie with V-Neck Sweater

Don’t think bow ties are limited to summer fashion. You can also wear your bow ties in the winter season and still look classy and cool. For example, wear your bow ties with a V-neck sweater. This will bring a direct focus to your statement bow tie.

Another great combination is a white striped shirt paired with denim and a tan V-neck polo sweater with a matching bow tie.

The Bottom Line

So these are some of the best men’s bow ties outfit ideas. Bow ties for men are simple, minimal, and classy, but they can immediately elevate any outfit look. Bow ties are available in so many different shapes, sizes, and materials. So select your favorite bow tie or according to the occasion and add a classy and elegant touch to your overall appearance.


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