Transfer Large Files With These 13 Tools

Transfer Large Files

Our ability to transfer massive files over email will be the pinnacle accomplishment of our digital era, once we figure out how to do so. In spite of the fact that the internet has successfully connected continents and enabled the globe to work around the clock, some of the world’s best minds have yet to devise a method of sending files over the internet utilizing our standard email servers.

Sending huge files to design customers without the headache of bounced emails or hours of aggravation with FTP connections is made possible by free tools available online. Some of them even offer iPhone and Android applications to improve your experience even more convenient. SendBig is also the best option for sharing big files.

Transfer large files with these 13 tools


SendBig offers 30GB of free file sharing, one of the largest capacities and with no fees or even hidden fees.

In addition, all the features that a user may need are available for free on SendBig. SendBig is secure, reliable and fast to be used, it is the most recommended file sharing service by professionals.


The box claims to be a ‘hassle-free shipping experience.’ You may exchange files of any size with anybody, regardless whether or not they have just a Box subscription. When you merely make a file sharing link, there is no need to zip or compress the file first. There are different file transfer restrictions depending on whether you are using a free account or a Digital Business Suite account. The file transfer limits range from 250 megabytes with a free account to 32 gigabytes with a Digital Business Suite account. Paid-for alternatives are available for as little as £4 per month to as much as £28 per month.

Firefox Send

Firefox Send is a file-sharing application developed by Mozilla, the company that created the Firefox browser. It is supposed to be easy and private. You can quickly transmit files up to 1GB (or up to 2.5GB if you sign in) with end-to-end encryption and an instantaneously link, so users don’t have to worry about your shared files being online indefinitely. After one year of its launch, Firefox Send has been shut down by Mozilla.


Smash is another another service that keeps things simple. With its free plan, you may transmit files of any size without worrying about exceeding the maximum file size restriction. Your files will be accessible for 14 days and your receivers will be able to view them prior to actually downloading them, even on mobile devices. Password protection is available for your files, and there is also the option of real-time download tracking.

Google Drive

It’s easy to forget about Google these days, so we’ll remind you: Google Drive provides 15GB of free online storage as long as you have a Google account, and it’s simple to share almost anything you want, whether it’s individual files or whole folders, with anybody at any time.


Hightail, formerly known as YouSendIt, relaunched and rebranded in 2013 as a platform for sharing and collaboration, replacing the previous name. Your files up to 100MB may be shared using the free Lite plan, which includes quick visual previews and the opportunity to include comments in any file. With the Pro version, which costs $12 per month, you may share files up to 25GB in size and make use of additional collaboration tools such as email alerts and trackable links.


When compared to other file-sharing services, Terashare is unique in that it makes use of BitTorrent technology to transport files straight from your computer to the receiver’s machine. There is no file size restriction, however files greater than 10GB will not be downloaded while your computer is turned off since this is the only location where the file is saved on your computer. The Terashare servers are also used to store files that are fewer than 10GB in size, so they may be accessed at any time of day or night.


With WeTransfer, you may send huge files up to 2GB each transfer, as frequently as you like, without having to worry about the size. That way, you won’t have to deal with any last-minute email difficulties when your free transfer allowance is exhausted. Easy peasy. You may send huge files through email or download them directly from the website; no problem.


Ever since it first began in 2005, SendSpace has sent millions of files every week to users throughout the world. As every file is monitored, SendSpace will do all in its power to locate it if it should get lost in the depths of the internet. It also has an excellent drag & drop capability, as well as a SendSpace mobile application, which allows you to transmit huge files while on the go.


DropSend allows you to transmit five huge files of up to 4GB in size for free every month, 15 large files of up to 8GB in size if you pay $5 per month, and 45 large files of up to 8GB in size if you pay $9 per month using DropSend. You’ll be transferring those all-important huge files in no time since it’s quick, easy, and secure to use. There is no software to download or install, and it is available with 256bit AES encryption for further security.


When you use Wikisend, you don’t have to form an account; instead, you just upload your file and are given an access URL that allows you to view it from anywhere in the world.

Files are then available for seven days, during which time your customer may download them as many times as they need. You may share files up to 100MB in size with your client. If you create an account with Wikisend, you will be able to share files that are password protected.


Dropbox is a very well file-sharing application on the market. If your customer already has it installed and knows how to use it, that’s a huge plus.

To utilize Dropbox, you must first create an account, which is completely free of charge.. In addition to a web-based application, there is a desktop program that you can download and install that allows you to sync and access your files from inside a standard folder.


MediaFire is intended to make your media files accessible to you from any location at any time. Additionally, it has a player that allows you to view over 200 different file types in your browser which is useful for rapidly exhibiting items to customers when they are in a hurry.

Free 10GB of storage with ad-supported downloads, or $3.75 per month for ad-free sharing, 1TB of storage, and a superior user experience (all for $3.75 per month).


Transfer large files with these free 13 tools and services.


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