“Health is wealth” as per the sayings, every one of us is willing to maintain an idle weight but unfortunately many of us are facing overweight or underweight issues. For example, a person with 40 kg is willing to gain weight and a person with 90 kg is willing to lose weight. Our idle weight depends upon our BMI. Let us discuss this in detail in the upcoming topics.


Waking up early in the morning is the first key to keeping our bodies healthy both mentally and physically. Doing some simple stretches makes our body flexible and keeps us energetic throughout the day. Having a cup of warm water, lemon tea, green tea or mint tea makes us feel refreshed. Doing meditation in the morning is helpful to maintain our mental health. Meditation is more helpful for students to concentrate more on their academics. Meditation improves concentration power as well as avoids distraction. Best training institute in erode. This results in scoring high marks in academics. Meditation not only helps students, it keeps our minds fresh and helps us in right decision making and improves our performance in every field. Meditation is a great tool for stress relief. Nowadays each and everyone is stressed and depressed because of our daily routine and busy schedule. So spending half an hour in the morning for physical activity makes us fit and healthy. physical activity includes yoga, meditation, brisk walking, jogging, cycling, etc. Spend at least an hour for your fitness.


The term breakfast itself defines its meaning thus breakfast is the first and foremost thing with which we start our day. We break our fast for more than 9 to

10 hours from night to morning by having breakfast in the morning, thus it is called breakfast. Skipping breakfast should be strictly avoided. It will cause more harm to our health. We should have a healthy and rich breakfast like a king in the morning. Breakfast boosts our energy and keeps us energetic. It helps us to do our daily chores without any laziness. We should add more protein-rich foods to our daily meals. Skipping food and starvation will not always result in weight loss. Sometimes it results in weight gain too. Starving makes our body tired and physically inactive. So skipping or starving will not result in healthy weight loss. Having a healthy diet and losing weight is the proper method to lose weight.


Consumption of protein-rich food helps to build lean muscles in the body which helps burn calories and results in weight loss. So taking foods rich in protein will result in weight loss. That’s why most diets include foods like chicken, egg white, paneer, etc. Some of the protein-rich foods include broccoli, soya chunks, black beans, green gram, lentils, egg whites, chicken, sweet potatoes, corn, almonds, etc. Having these foods in the morning will also control our hunger and make us feel full and also make us feel more energetic. Protein is also available in the form of powder in markets if you are interested you can also consume those protein sources. It will be easy to consume. We can add 2 to 3 spoons of water or milk and then we can drink it.


Walking, jogging, cycling, skipping, yoga, going to the gym, cardio workout, etc comes under physical activity. By doing any of the above-mentioned activities our calories will burn. Generally, a man requires 2000 to 2500 calories per day and a woman requires 1600 to 2000 calories per day.

According to individual BMI, the number of calories required may vary. Burning the calories we are consuming daily will result in weight loss. If we are idle without any physical activity the calories we consume will start getting stored as fat and it will result in obesity. Thus physical activity burns our calories and helps in weight loss. Not only will physical activity result in weight loss, but

physical activity with a proper diet will also result in weight loss.


In this modern era, many of us are suffering from obesity. Our lifestyle, daily routine, overconsumption of junk food, and lack of physical activity are the major reasons for obesity. Each one of us is in a race to earn money to upskill our standard of living but not everyone is concerned about their health. Many of us are in stress and depression due to work pressure, night shifts, etc. All these unhealthy lifestyle routines result in health issues such as obesity, heart attack,type2 diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer, stroke, etc. Mainly obesity in women causes hormonal imbalance which results in the thyroid, PCOS, infertility, etc.


Obesity will, later on, result in several health issues. We can control or prevent all these by having a proper diet and exercise.

Not only losing weight is important, but maintaining it is also as important. Idle weight and a healthy lifestyle keep us healthier and active. Strong and persistent determination help us to reach our goals. Even we feel more confident if we are fit. I am concluding that proper diet and exercise make us healthy and wealthy.


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