The Answer To Why Your Hair Falls Out After Being In a Ponytail / Bun & The Secret To Preventing That


Hey girls! Do you hate it when your hair falls after being up in a bun or ponytail for a whole day? While working out or relaxing or after opening your bun or ponytail and getting hair fall? Yeah, I hate it too. After struggling for years, I got the perfect solution to my hair fall problems, and no, it is not something like hair oil or something; it is way better than that. Before going into details about these extensions, let me tell you how I got to know about them and my experience so far.

My Hair Was Falling Out in Clumps Due to My Line of Work

Since I am an influencer, hairstyling is part of my work, and I have to look presentable wherever I go. I have to straighten my hair, curl them, and make ponytails or buns. When you make ponytails or buns for a long time, like, at the start of the day till the end, your hair is incomplete tension. The roots of your hair are fixed and tugged in the hairstyle, causing them to weaken, which makes your hair fall at the end of the day. Then there are other things as well, such as some have weaker roots in general or your diet is disturbed and makes your hair fall after hairstyles such as ponytail or bun. So, what to do?

Well, I was facing the same issues, and that is when I found out about JuvaBun hair extensions. This brand offers a wide range of extensions that you can quickly wear and has excellent delivery and customer service. Their customer support is present 24/7 and is ready to answer all of your queries related to the brand and its products. Then you can easily get a refund or exchange if you are not satisfied with the products. But, what I find most appealing is the product quality, coupons, and discounts that I get with this brand.

JuvaBun is The Wonder Woman to My Hair Care Routine! 

I first discovered JuvaBun through a friend and have been hooked with it since then. I usually use their claw clip ponytail hair extensions and messy bun hair extensions. Wearing them is really easy; I just make a loose bun and attach these extensions to it. JuvaBun has multiple colors available, which you can go for; I have selected a shade lighter than my hair as it gives it a really unique ombré effect at the ends. Now, you might be wondering why I shifted to it? Well, for starters, these JuvaBun hair extensions do not tug on my hair as the usual hair elastics do, I get a lot of volume with them, which my natural hair does not provide me with, and even though the hair is synthetic, it feels and looks like natural hair. Last but not least, I get way too many compliments with these perfect hair extensions.

So, if you are fed up with your hair falling due to tugging and tension because of staying up all day in a bun or ponytail, then you should take my word and try the JuvaBun hair extension ponytail or bun of your choice. These are perfect for everyday use and do not damage your hair, so try them yourself and let me know how well they fit for you!


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