5 Tips On Life Success By Influencer @Miss_Hedonist


Monalisa is one of those influencers of 2019 who have inspired many people to achieve success in both professional and personal life. Through her videos, reels, and posts, she conveyed the message to live life with no regrets. Monalisa, a free-spirited lawyer, suggests you follow the five most important tips to achieve success in life. Further, this article will help you get insights into Monalisa’s thoughts and perspectives about life.

Top five tips on life success by Monalisa

From her experiences and research, she has found the five most important tips in life. They are as follows:

  • Try adopting a growth mindset

Monalisa’s first and the most important strategy for success in life is to adopt a growth mindset. But to achieve the growth mindset, you have to bring change in the habit. Furthermore, you will need to have committed learning habits to bring the change. Once it becomes your habit, you automatically climb the ladder of success. But the most important change is the willingness to move outside your comfort zone.

  • Try to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

One of the most important facts you should understand and accept is that you will need to be comfortable with the uncomfortable to change your life. Further, Monalisa says that you may feel comfortable in your comfort zone. However, this is a temporary feeling. When you are ready to accept the uncomfortable comfortably, you will get the opportunity to explore the most adventurous unconquered parts of life. Further, the once awkward situation will be your second nature for life.

  • Accept and embrace failure.

Accepting and embracing failure is one of the most critical success factors in life. Monalisa says that most people, even celebrities, have learned and embraced failure and have achieved success in their life. You might feel that embracing failure means not being worthy. But the truth is that failure is the key to success. Never give up no matter how much you fail and feel miserable in life. Have positive faith in everything you do and embrace failure happily. You will see success coming behind you as a honeybee comes in search of honey.

  • Question yourself

Introspective life is the way to discover yourself. When you feel low and worried about your future, ask yourself, am I on the right track? Where will I be placed in life in the future? By doing so, you can get to know where you are and what more should you do to find the path to success. So keep in mind your soul’s purpose in life and work hard toward the same day and night. This will give you a positive result, and you will finally reach the crossroads of success. Thus, understand what you need, make it your soul purpose, and work toward achieving it.

  • Discover the meaning of freedom

Freedom can mean different to different people. But according to Monalisa, unleashing the full potential from within you is what you call freedom of life. Further, it is the conscious choices you make to achieve freedom. So it is essential to know what your inner hidden talents are, polish them, and nourish them further. This will help your true passion and bring success to your life.


Hence, these are the top five tips for life success that Monalisa suggests you follow to achieve success in life.


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