7 Indian Influencers In 2019 You Should Watch Out For


India, being one of the most diverse countries globally, can find various social media influencers who have created a space in the minds of people through their artworks and memes. From Twitter to Instagram, the Indian influencers have made their niche among the Indian audience. However, some influencers in 2019 have become people’s voices through their artworks, memes, and reels.

Top 7 Indian Influencers in 2019

Many influencers in 2019 have created a wave of emotions and reactions among the people. However, these top 7 Indian influencers have made us laugh, think and understand different real-life situations and news. Some of them are as follows:

YashBharaj (@Chaibuoy)

One of the most popular Indian influencers of 2019 is YashBharaj, a.k.aChaibuoy. He is an artist by profession. Through his artworks, memes, and reels, YashBharaj has become the best social media influencer of 2019. Some of his popular artworks, memes, etc., can be viewed through the Instagram link below.


AishwaryaKandpal (@Indianskinblog)

AishwaryaKandpal is a multi-faceted content creator and ad film director among the top social media influencers in 2019. With 9 years of experience in the television and digital production industry, Aishwarya has redefined social media content. In the Indianskinblog, she has shared various tips regarding skincare through her works. To know more about the works of AishwaryaKandpal, visit her Instagram page. The Instagram link of Aishwarya’s page is given below.


Monalisa (@miss_hedonist)

Another popular influencer of 2019 is Monalisa, a.k.amiss_hedonist. Monalisa has created a huge wave among the Indian audience, a lawyer by profession. Through her memes and artwork, she has become a household name. She believes in living her life with no regrets. You can follow her Instagram page, the link of which is given below.


Meghamzing (@meghamazing)

Megha or Meghamazing is one of the most popular influencers of 2019. She is the first skin influencer in India. A blogger by profession, Megha Kamath has always inspired her audience to follow health makeup tips through her reels and videos. You can follow her on Instagram to get tips and suggestions for healthy skincare through the link below.


MayurSaroj Rajput (@thebow_hoguy)

MayurSaroj Rajput, an artist by profession, is a fashion influencer in 2019 who has inspired many people to try different hacks and dressing trends. He has created many Reels, videos, and posts about how people can keep in style without compromising their looks. Follow the Instagram page of Mayur in the below-mentioned link to learn more.


Deep Pathare(@Justdeepdrama)

Deep Pathare was the most popular male beauty influencer in 2019. He is a digital creator by profession. Deep Pathare, through his justdeepdrama, made people understand the importance of beauty in men. Through his videos and reels, he has made it clear that the concept of beauty is not for women alone. Men also deserve it.


Shwetha B (@Shwethabhintade)

Seventh and the final most popular Indian influencers have inspired people to travel to unseen places in India. Further, she has grabbed people’s attention through her videos, reels, and posts. As for her profession, she is a model, TikTok star, and Instagram star.



These are some of the top 7 Indian Influencers 2019 you should watch without fail. Go through the profiles of these influencers and get inspired and curious to learn more.


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